Documentary in progress: “ALBANUS PROJECT” (theatrical release in 2017)

The Albano drain outlet is the most famous among the various ones found in the Alban Hills, and it is also the only one of which something is known through historic sources. According to Livy, it dates back to the beginning of the 4th century B.C., and the Oracle of Delphi, which declared that the city of Veii would not be conquered (by the Romans) unless the Lake Albano was prevented from overflowing its banks. Also Dionysius of Alicarnassus (I,66) mentions Livy’s text, but at the same time suggests that the drain may be older.
The study by Piranesi, full of technical details and beautiful engravings, greatly contributed to its fame. The tunnel is 1,450 m long.

At present the Albano drain is the object of a three-year program of speleological studies (Albanus Project), carried out by Hypogea Federation in cooperation with the Superintendence for the Archeological Heritage of Lazio and the Castelli Romani Park.

A film crew led by Massimo D’Alessandro is following all the investigation of the cavers of the Hypogea Federation, in order to make a documentary on the history and exploration of this ingenious hydraulic work of antiquity.

Now available on Amazon Video the documentary series: “WHAT’S UNDER? A fascinating journey into the depths of the earth and the water”

In an increasingly complex world, where man has already walked everywhere, there are still hidden places where some brave explorers venturing attracted by a desire for discovery.

A challenge to the darkness with an ever-present question: What’s under?

Come with us on a fascinating journey into the depths of the earth and water!

All documentaries are in italian language with english subtitles – Episode duration: 30 minutes – Format: SD 4:3 – Director: Massimo D’Alessandro – Production: A.S.S.O. Onlus

View trailers, info and link to AMAZON VIDEO at following list:

  1. Documentary “USTICA ABOVE AND UNDER THE SEA” (Underwater Archaeology)
  2. Documentary “CUMBIDA PRANTAS… invite your footsteps” (Speleology)
  3. Documentary “AT THE BOTTOM OF THE MILL” (Cave Diving)
  4. Documentary “THE BROKEN THREAD” (Cave diving)
  5. Documentary “PANTA REI … everything flows” (Cave Diving)
  6. Documentary “THE MYSTERY OF SAINT NILO” (Subterraneans Exploration)
  7. Documentary “FROM SHIPWRECKS TO CAVES” (Underwater Archeology, Speleology, Cave Diving)

Documentary “SANTA SEVERA IN LEGEND AND HISTORY” (available on AmazonVideo)

Documentary – Italian speaker – English subtitles – Duration: 47 minutes – Format: SD 4:3 – Director: Massimo D’Alessandro – Production: A.S.S.O. Onlus

Amazon-Instant-Video  Download here the full version of the documentary

Premio del pubblico (Audience Award) “Capitello D’Argento” alla IV edizione del Festival Internazionale di Cinema Archeologico “Capitello D’Oro” 2009.

A documentary that tells the excavations, beginning in 2006, led to the extraordinary discovery of the early Christian church in the Castle of Santa Severa, on the coast north of Rome, in place of the ancient Etruscan and Roman city of Pyrgi. The fascinating story of the discovery of the church, which remained buried for centuries under the courtyard of the Piazza della Rocca. An example of how modern archaeological research can return to the community important pieces of history and material evidence to help reconstruct the complex mosaic of shared memory.

Un documentario che racconta gli scavi che, a partire dal 2006, hanno portato alla straordinaria scoperta della chiesa paleocristiana nel Castello di Santa Severa, sul litorale nord di Roma, nel luogo dell’antica città etrusca e romana di Pyrgi. La storia affascinante del ritrovamento della chiesa, rimasta per secoli sepolta sotto il cortile della Piazza della Rocca. Un esempio di come la ricerca archeologica moderna può restituire alla collettività importanti frammenti di storia, testimonianze materiali che aiutano a ricomporre il complesso mosaico della comune memoria.

Documentary series in progress: “FLYING IN THE HISTORY”

“FLYING IN HISTORY” is the project of a documentary series that tells the history, art and archeology flying with the drones over (and into) the most important archaeological sites, historical monuments and Italian cities.

An unusual point of view that will allow the viewer to discover and see beautiful places of culture and history as no one has ever seen.

The project is currently looking for funding for production.

Production A.S.S.O. Organization – Aerial video operator: Francesco Marsala – Director: Massimo D’Alessandro

Rome’s foundation anniversary – April 21, 2014 (Aerial video)

Video drone operator: Francesco Marsala – Editing and Direction: Massimo D’Alessandro

We now come to the twelfth edition of the celebrations for the founding of Rome organized by the Gruppo Storico Romano. Like every year, our intent is to remember, with a series of events and initiatives, the origins of our city, from a small settlement, founded on the Palatine Hill, became the Caput Mundi, which was the largest city in the ancient known world, whose domain lasted over a thousand years. Rome still inspires fascination and admiration, unrivaled in the world, and our goal is to keep alive this interest in our city.
In antiquity Rome has been a crossroads of different cultures and we intend to strengthen this feature is still present in our city, infact, in our event, we involving re-enactors from all over the world and in particular those areas where the link with the Roman world is still very much alive in the cultures and places of origin.
Our initiative takes on special significance, having regard to the Memorandum of Understanding signed with Roma Capitale for the exploitation and dissemination of the manners and customs of ancient Rome, which places a “hallmark” on our work by the administration Capitoline . It is in this sense, the event intends to bring closer the Romans and tourists to the world of ancient Rome and its origins. The program includes the involvement of archaeological sites such as the Circus Maximus and the Via dei Fori Imperiali.
1,600 re-enactors from 42 cultural organizations from 9 European countries.
A long walk will cross, surrounded by two long wings of the crowd (estimated at 200,000), Via dei Fori Imperiali, past the Colosseum and the Theatre of Marcellus, in practice the beating heart of ancient Rome.
Equally numerous will be the spectators who will crowd the Circus Maximus in the afternoon to watch the performances of the various participating re-enactors.

Show “CARAVAGGIO XXI” (available on AmazonVideo)

Stage play – Duration: 40 minutes – Format HD 16:9 – Author & Stage Director: Ludovica Rambelli – Movie Director: Massimo D’Alessandro – Music from Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi and others – Production Malatheatre & Ars Tua Vita Mea

Amazon-Instant-Video  Download here the full version of the video

CARAVAGGIO XXI is a work of great visual impact yet extreme simplicity. One show only images and music they can enjoy the entire global audience. Using the technique of “tableaux vivants”, the scenes are composed of minimal elements (fabrics of varied colors and texture, common objects) which are used by the actors as they “compose” the 21 canvases in front of the audience. Once constructed, the paintings created the scene that would have appeared in the artists’ studio. The costumes and fine drapery are transformed in seconds by the ability of the actors who each take on the role of model, scenographer, costumer and props manager. The action is immobilized as if illuminated by one lone flash of lighting as one moment, one “perfect” gesture brings to life the heart of the painting. The impeccable iconographic precision, the expressive force of bodies and faces in the characteristic lateral “cut” of light, fully bring out the “poetry of reality” which constitutes what distinguishes the works of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.